Jessica Lowing and Donna Kay are a mother-daughter team on opposite coasts; Philadelphia and Seattle. Together they've created Leto Investments: a multi-family acquisition / syndication company with the mission of serving not only investors, but serving every community they become involved with.


Donna brings almost thirty years of real estate and property management experience to the table; initially working with a national firm, she began her real estate career as an agent in 1991. She went on to open her own brokerage in 2006 with a property management division in foresight of a volatile market. She experienced immediate growth, and within the first year of operations was managing over 340 units with a mix of multi-family properties, student housing and a residential portfolio.  Do date, she has always served in the position of principal and designated broker.  Her B.A. in Leadership and sustainable Business plus her natural resilience and determination havee brought about a very strong and proven track record.  As a managing broker, Donna has written or overseen hundreds of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.  Her brokerage today is structured in a unique way which easily allows satellite offices to be created in new cities across with country with centralized accounting services.  She oversees Leto acquisitions and leads the property management team for all of Leto's multi-Family investments. 

Donna Kay- Leto Investments LLC / Fee Simple Real Estate LLC

Tom Brain- Brainstorm Ventures LLC

Tom Brain is a highly successful entrepreneur, mentor, coach and educator with vast experience in distressed property sales, real estate investing, business acquisitions and the natural gas industry. Tom spent more than a decade with such Fortune 500 companies as Arvin Meritor and Honeywell Aerospace, where he developed his impressive managerial and leadership skills.

A proud U.S. Marine Veteran, Tom served with distinction for 8 years, honorably discharged with the rank of Captain. Tom still lives by the fundamental principles of the Marine Corps: Honor, Courage and Commitment. 

Currently authoring a book titled “Real Estate Investing for Military Families”, Tom Brain is a sought-after lecturer and coach to business owners and veterans alike, specializing in the areas of real estate investing, hyper-business growth, and the use of credit and leverage in business transactions. Tom and his team invest their time, expertise and money in exchange for multifamily apartment opportunities. Their sole objective is to implement value added opportunities to increase the properties net operating income and eventually sell the properties for a much higher value of what it is worth today.

Daniel Holmlund- Aalon Capital LLC / Willamette Investor Group LLC

Daniel Holmlund works as an engineer at Intel focusing on industrial automation and software development relations. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, such as American Express, AT&T, Blackstone, Bloomberg, Boston Scientific, Eaton, Emirates Airlines, GE Digital, GlaxoSmithKline, Honeywell Aerospace, John Deere, Motorola Solutions, Netflix, and others. He also works on broad engagements that support small business and developer communities. He's worked to add value to the relationships between different Intel technology and product groups and external customers. 

Daniel actively invests in real estate and is the founder of Aalon Capital LLC, a multifamily syndication company with 374 units under management in the Houston and Austin metro areas. Daniel runs two Real Estate Investment Clubs, one the Intel campus and another in Portland, OR area named Willamette Investor Network.

Listen to Daniels' Podcast

Jessica Lowing- Leto Investments LLC

Jessica brings a masters degree in Engineering and Computer Science from MIT with ten years of experience at a Fortune 40 company. She manages nationally recognized brands as well as the teams to build them, and their budgets. Her accomplishments have been significant; her job position has continually escalated over the years and has led to her current position as Director of Project Management. Jessica leads teams of product engineers on both the west coast and east coast who have gained global recognition. She is also principal of Lowing Investments LLC. Jessica has been involved in several real estate transactions over the years, including overseeing business operations as  General Manager of Seattle Management Group Real Estate corp.

Jessica Lowing

Philadelphia PA


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Donna Kay

Seattle WA


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